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Finding Kentucky Warrants: Recommended Search Tools

KY warrants give law enforcement agencies in the state the right to apprehend a person for a crime he is believed to have committed.

Like any other state across the nation, warrants in Kentucky  must be signed by a judge to become legally binding.  The judge will examine the evidence presented by the police in order to find out if there is a probable cause according to which the suspect has indeed been involved in a crime serious enough that justifies depriving him of his liberty.

Once a probable cause is establish and the warrant is signed, it becomes active and the suspect may be taken into custody the moment he is spotted by a police officer. It is important to note that KY warrants remain valid indefinitely until executed. They are valid even in other states and if the crime is severe enough, the fugitive will most likely be facing extradition.

The difficulty in carrying out a warrant lookup in Kentucky

The main source for carrying out a Kentucky warrant search is the centralized criminal history record information operated by the Kentucky State Police (KSP). However you cannot run a background check on a third person without his explicit consent. In fact, it is the person being checked who needs to ask that his record information will be given to you.

The inquiry itself is quite cumbersome. Information will not be given to you online. You will have to download a relevant file (here) and send it by mail to the KSP Criminal Identification & Research Branch plus a payment of $20 by check or money order. Results are given in up to 10 business days.

Using the court's criminal database

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) is another place to inquire about  KY  warrants. They are more willing to disseminate information compared to the KSP.

The AOC's databases include Kentucky criminal records related to misdemeanor offences from the last 5 years and felony records dating back to 1978.

you can get access to these records in one of the following ways :

1) You can order criminal history reports and get results online.

2) You can order 1 report that will be sent to you by U.S. mail.

3) You can visit the Administrative Office of the Courts ( 1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort) and ask for a record (They have a drive-thru window open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. during week days). It will take them around an hour to bring you the record.

Service fee is $25 that can be paid by a credit card, check, money order or cash. Options 1 an 2 above require signing up for the service.

Be advised, the reports you will get from the AOC cover only court activity and so it will not show Kentucky arrest records.

Performing an arrest search

KY warrants will not include information on a person's incarceration history. To find out whether the person you are checking has ever been put behind bars, refer to online ​Kentucky offender search tool known as KOOL. This database is managed by the state's Department of Corrections and it displays inmates that are held in prisons more than 120 days.

You can a simple search by inmate's name or use an advanced search that enables you to run a broader inquiry based on offender type (e.g. incarcerated person, Death Row Inmate), DIC or PID number, supervision status (active/inactive inmate), specific facility, conviction information, release date and even escape or abscond date. This tool also shows county jail records on the County Supervision area.

Kentucky arrest records come with the following information: inmate's personal details and physical description, current location, PID #/DOC #,  a mugshot, booking and release date, aliases, conviction  details, risk assessment and parole information.

How this website can help you find Kentucky arrest warrants

As shown above, carrying out a background check in the State of Kentucky while relying on governmental sources can be quite challenging as the authorities are reluctant to release information on a third person without his explicit consent. What is more, the AOC database is lacking when it comes to prison records.

There is another alternative for you which comes in the form of reliable private databases. The extensive search tool offered by this site covers the entire state. All you are required to do is fill out a person's name and you will get an accurate criminal history report containing information on KY warrants, arrest records, police records, court records and more- in fact all you need to know to assess if the one you are searching poses a risk to you, your family or your business.

Searchers' anonymity is 100% guaranteed.

Useful links for inquiring about  KY warrants:

Kentucky State Police (KSP), background checks.

The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), criminal record reports

The state's Department of Corrections, offender search (KOOL)