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Your Guide to Finding Franklin County Warrants Your Guide to Finding Franklin County Warrants Learn how to search for Franklin County warrants & arrest records, KY. Perform a background check on any person using this website's advanced inquiry tool.
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What You Need to Know to Help You search for Franklin County Warrants

Franklin County warrants are a clear indication that a person was involved in a criminal activity, and, therefore, finding them is vital for any background check you may want to do on people that are part of your daily life. This article shows you the best way to search for these warrants. It also explains how to find copies of arrest records that will reveal a person's incarceration history.

Initiating a warrant search

To find out if a person is wanted by the police, you should pay a visit to the sheriff office (974 River Bend Road, Frankfort, Kentucky 4060, phone: 502-875-8740) or to the police department in your city or town,  Frankfort Police Department in particular, and inquire about people that interest you. In most cases, law enforcement authorities will not be reluctant to share information on Franklin County warrants due to considerations of public safety. Take into account, however, that cases that are currently being investigated or that involve juveniles usually remain sealed.

The court can also assist you in your search as this is where warrants are issued. You will need to pay a visit to the Circuit Court Clerk (222 St. Clair Street, Frankfort, KY 40601, phones: 502-564-7013 | 502-564-8380) and submit a FOIA request to inspect Franklin County court records. This records will tell you whether there is an outstanding arrest order against the person you are checking and whether this person has been convicted of a crime. Kentucky Open Records Act gives you the right to access formal governmental civil and criminal dockets.

Carrying out an inmate lookup

Franklin County warrants will not shed light on a person's incarceration history. What you should do is try to access arrest records. The website of Franklin County jail has an online inmate tracker that shows current arrestees.

If you want to expand your search to include other KY counties, we recommend using the online offender search operated by the state's Department of Correction. This tool lets you locate an inmate in detention centers scattered all across Kentucky based on their name. You have an advanced option to look for a specific jail, so this is how you can focus on Franklin County arrest records.

Performing background check that covers the entire state

There are two databases we recommend for a broader criminal background check that encompasses all of the state's counties.

1) The Administrative Office of the Court will provide you with criminal history reports on people that matter to you. These reports cover misdemeanor and felony offences that were recorded since 2015 and 1978 respectively. You can obtain a report on the Internet, on mail or by physically going to their office located at 1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601. Each report costs $25.00. For further information, dial 502-573-2350

2) You can inquire about a person's background by utilizing this website's search tool. You just need to fill out the subject's name and you will get a full account of his criminal history which includes, among the rest, Franklin County warrants, arrest records, state police and conviction records, criminal court dockets and more.

The information is taken from huge public and private databases so you can expect it to be accurate and up to date. All searches are fully anonymous. Service fees are low.