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Bullitt County Warrant Search

Database Update on July 20, 2024

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Bullitt County Warrant Search Bullitt County Warrant Search Learn how to perform a Bullitt County warrant search, KY. Get a full criminal history report on any person in Kentucky by using this website's search tool.
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Useful Tips for Carrying out a Bullitt County Warrant Search

Are you interested in checking the background of people you interact with on a daily basis (such as a potential employee, your kids' babysitter or a person you have just started dating)? This article shows how to perform a Bullitt County warrant search and how to inquire about a person's arrest history.

Is a person you know wanted for a crime?

The sheriff office is a good starting point for a warrant lookup as they are responsible for executing arrest orders issued by the court.

 They do not disclose any information on the web and probably will refuse to give any details on the phone. So you have no choice but to visit their office (300 Buckman St, Shepherdsville, Kentucky 40165, phone: 502 543-2514) and ask about people that matter to you.

The sheriff staff will probably have no problem sharing information with you about Bullitt County active warrants since they believe updating the public about fugitives who are at large is essential to keeping people safe.

Another source for a Bullitt County warrant search is Shepherdsville Police Department. You will be required to submit an online request to view police records. You can find an electronic form on their website ( This request will reach the official Custodian of Public Records who will examine the request and decide whether to fulfill it or not.

Records are usually released to victims of a crime or their representatives and to a person who suffered bodily injury or property damage. You will have to convince them about the necessity of your inquiry. For more details, dial 502-921-1000.

Turning to the court

Arrest warrants are issued by the court, so their archives contain valuable criminal background information. To get access to these archives, go to the Circuit Court Clerk (250 Frank E. Simon Ave. Shepherdsville, KY 40165-0746, phone:502-995-7512) and ask to view copies of court dockets.

As in the case of Shepherdsville Police, they will ask you to file a FOIA requests. To learn about filing such a request, go here.

How to do an arrest search

To find out if a person you know has been incarcerated lately, refer to the jail tracker on the local jail's website. It shows recent Bullitt County arrest records by name.

By pressing on a name, you will see an inmate's personal details (including a mugshot) as well booking and scheduled release date, arresting agency and officer, case status and description of the offenses for which the inmate was apprehended.

If you are looking for information on people who have been arrested in the more distant past and do not appear in the jail tracker, you should call the jail at 502-543-7263

Carrying out a broader Kentucky background check

A Bullitt warrant search will only give you local information. To inquire about people who live in other counties, turn to KY Administrative Office of the Court. There you can get criminal history reports related to people living in  the entire state. The reports cover misdemeanor offences and felony offenses committed since 2015 and 1978 respectively.

A report will cost you $25.00 and you can get it online, by U.S. mail or simply collect it at their offices at 1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601). For more details, go to

Alternatively, you can use this website's search tool. By typing a person's name, you will receive a full account of his/her criminal history including KY warrants, arrest records, police records, court dockets and more - in short, everything you need to find out if that person poses a threat to your loved ones or to your business.

The data unfolded by the search tool is accurate and up-to-date. Searchers' anonymity is 100% guaranteed.

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