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Kentucky Warrant Search by County

Database Update on July 20, 2024

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Kentucky Warrant Search by County Kentucky Warrant Search by County Guidelines for a Kentucky warrant search. How to find arrest warrants in each county. Use this site's advanced background check tool.
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How to Do a Kentucky Warrant Search on a County Level

A Kentucky warrant search is done best on a county level. Focusing your inquiry on local resources will give you the most updated and accurate results.

On top of this page, you will see a list of KY counties. In each of these counties you will find an article explaining step by step, how to inquire about arrest warrants issued in it. You will be shown the relevant county's governmental offices you should turn to in order to check whether a person you know has a criminal history and is, therefore, wanted by the police.

The lines below will demonstrate how to search for Kentucky arrest warrants using the state's databases. We believe that combining the information you will get in this article plus reading the county articles above will equip you with the necessary tools needed to conduct a complete background check.

Using  Kentucky State Police for a criminal history check 

KY State Police (KSP) performs back ground checks upon demand. To run a Kentucky warrant search you have to download and fill out a specific form depending on the purpose of your inquiry- employment, commercial guide license or housing, etc.

The form should be sent by mail to the KSP's Criminal Identification and Record Branch plus a check or money order at the sum of 25 dollars. Results will be given in up to 10 business days. To download the relevant form and to get more details, visit their website.

The KSP's background check services have one major flaw. You cannot check on a 3rd person without his consent. What it practically means is that your check cannot be anonymous. to illustrate the problem, imagine you have a new neighbor and you have grounds to believe he has a criminal history that may jeopardize your family . You will not be able to inquire about his background and find out if there are any warrants in KY carrying his name unless you get his approval to run such an inquiry.  

How can the court help you?

All arrest orders issued by the county's law enforcement authorities must go through the court. Only a judge can sign an arrest warrant and make it valid. Once it is signed and released, it remains in force until the suspect is apprehended by the police.

For this reason the court should be one of your primary sources for a Kentucky warrant search.

The Administrative Office of the Court (AOC) maintains an archive of misdemeanor criminal records from the last 5 years and of felony records from 1978 onwards. You can file  a request  to view a specific record related to a specific person.  A  report will be sent to you online. You can also order a report by mail.  Alternatively, you can pay them a visit (1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601) and make request to view a specific record. You will have to wait an hour or so untill they prepare the record for you.

Obtaining a record will cost you $25. They accept credit card, check, money order or cash.

The major advantage of the AOC is that they are more willing to share criminal background information with the public compared to the KSP.

This site's search tool

You may choose to run a Kentucky warrant search using this site's extensive criminal database. Type a name of any individual residing in the state and you will instantly receive an up-to-date criminal history report showing outstanding warrants, jail and prison records and court dockets - all the necessary information for a background check. Searchers are promised full anonymity. Service fee is low.