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How to Search for Oldham County Warrants How to Search for Oldham County Warrants This articles explains how to search for Oldham County warrants & arrest records, KY. Use this site's database for a background check on any person you know
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How to Inquire about Oldham County Warrants

The aim of the following article is to show you the most effective way to search for Oldahm County warrants and arrests in order to check whether a person you are familiar with has ever had issues with the law that may jeopardize the people you care for or your business.

Running a warrant search

the starting point of any Oldham County warrant search is the Sheriff. They don't display an online list of suspects, so you will need to pay them a visit at 100 W. Jefferson St # 2, La Grange, Kentucky 40031 (phone: 502-222-9501) and inquire about the person that interests you.

Unless there is an ongoing criminal investigation against the person about whom you are asking or that person is a minor, the county's law enforcement  agencies shouldn't have a problem revealing details on Oldham County warrants for public safety considerations.

Visiting the court house

All arrest warrant are issued by the court upon police request. So the court can be a viable source of information you can use for any background check.

We suggest visiting the office of the Circuit Court Clerk as they deal with criminal matters. Their address is 100 W. Main St. LaGrange, KY 40031 (phone: 502-222-9837 or 502-222-5621). You'll need to request access to Oldham County court dockets. Kentucky FOIA Laws give you the right to view most governmental records unless they are concealed for a specific reason.

Carrying out an inmate search

To obtain information on Oldham county arrests, navigate to the webpage of local detention center ( There you will find an online JailTracker showing offenders that have been recently incarcerated. Each record reveal an inmate's name and personal details, a mugshot, a description and code of the offenses he or she has committed, booking date, future release and arresting agency.

Expanding your background check to the entire state

Oldham County warrants will not tell you anything about a person's criminal history in other counties. If you want to perform a wider investigation that covers the entire state of Kentucky, there are three databases we recommend:

1) To garner information on KY warrants, turn to the Administrative Office of the Court. There you can get detailed criminal history records that contain misdemeanor offences committed since 2015 and felonies offenses that go back all the way to 1978.

You can get these records online, on U.S. MAIL or collect them in person by visiting their offices at 1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601. Each record will cost you $25.00. You can find specific instructions at

2) The Kentucky Department of Corrections has an Offender online lookup tool (KOOL) through which you can run a name-based search for inmates held in the state's prisons.

3) To save time, you can refer to the searchable database offered by this website. You just need to type a person's name and you will get a full report unfolding his or her criminal history in the entire state and country. This includes Oldham County warrants and arrest records and Kentucky police and prison records.

The data is accurate and up to date. Searchers anonymity is 100% guaranteed. Service fee is highly affordable.