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Pulaski County Warrants Pulaski County Warrants Learn how to find information on Pulaski County warrants & arrest records, KY. Inquire about a person's criminal history with this website's search tool.
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How and Where You Can Search for Pulaski County Warrants

Pulaski County warrants are issued by the court based on police request and after a judge has signed them. The judge will agree to sign them only if he is convinced that there is a probable cause to that crime has indeed been committed and, thus, denying a person his liberty is justified. In the following lines we explain how to search for these warrants and how to inquire about a person’s incarceration history in Pulaski County and in the entire State of Kentucky for the purpose of carrying out a background check.

Is a person you know wanted by the police?

The best place to look for Pulaski County warrants is the sheriff office. Their webpage presents a short list of the most wanted suspects, but if you want more than that, you will need to visit their office (100 N Main St. Somerset, KY 42501, phone: 606-678-5145) and inquire about the specific person that interests you.

At the same time, you can also go to the court as this is where arrest warrants are issued to begin with. You should contact the Circuit Clerk Court (50 Public Square, Somerset, Kentucky 42501, phone: 606-677-4029) as they are in charge of processing and storing criminal dockets. You will be required to submit a formal request to view Pulaski County court records. Kentucky Open Records Act gives you access to most  governmental files considered to be public records (to read more on this topic, we recommend this webpage).

governmental agencies will usually be quite cooperative in disclosing warrant information out of public safety considerations. There are a few exceptions, especially when it comes to cases that are under active police investigation or when minors are involved.

Conducting an arrest search

To inquire about a person’s incarceration history, you’ll need to get access to Pulaski County arrest records. We recommend navigating to the website of the local jail ( There you will find an online database presenting current inmates. Each inmate on the list has an electronic record that contains his personal details, mugshot, arrest date and scheduled release, arresting agency, offense description and bond details.

To obtain information on past offenders, you will need to contact the jail stuff. Their phone number is 606-678-0130.

Expanding your background check

Pulaski County warrants will tell you nothing about a person's criminal history in other counties. To carry out a statewide background check we suggest referring to the following 2 governmental agencies:

1)  The Adminstrative Office of the Court provides full criminal history reports. These reports cover misdemeanor and felony offenses committed in the entire state since 2015 and 1978 respectively. Each report will cost you $25.00 . It can be sent to you via the Internet or on U.S. mail.  Alternatively, you can get it at their office at 1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601. For further details on this procedure, visit

2) The KY Department of Corrections has on online name-based offender search tool ( ) through which you can trace inmates in correctional facilities all across the state.

Using this website's criminal history search tool

This website offers you an advanced background check tool. You just need to type the name of the person you want to inquire about, and you will receive a full electronic criminal history report that displays Pulaski County warrants and arrest records as well as police records and criminal records covering all of KY counties. The data is accurate and updated. Your anonymity is 100% guaranteed. The fee for this service is highly affordable.