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Database Update on July 20, 2024

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Fayette County Warrants Fayette County Warrants Find out how to search for Fayette County warrants, KY. Use this website’s search tool to get criminal history reports on any person in Kentucky.
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How to Search for Fayette County Warrants

The aim of this article is to show you the best and most efficient way to carry out a search for Fayette County warrants. You will be able to read about the places you should go to check if a person of interest to you has a criminal history and if he/she is wanted by the police. The information given in this article is essential for a background check you may want to do on that person.

Starting your warrant search

The obvious place to garner information on Fayette County warrants is the Warrant Division at the Sheriff Office as they are in charge of tracing and apprehending wanted people and fugitives from justice.

They will probably not give information on the phone, so you will need to pay them a visit (District Court House, Fourth Floor,150 N. Limestone St. Lexington, Kentucky 40507, phone:859-252-1771) and inquire about either yourself or another person. Be advised, if you have come to ask about yourself and it turns out there is an outstanding warrant with your name on it, you will be arrested.

Another source for a Fayette County warrant search is the Lexington Police Department. Their Bureau of Investigation deals with all type of offenses, and so they have updated information on suspects in their area of jurisdiction. Since they do not have an online warrant lookup tool, you will be required to arrive at their office to conduct your inquiry. Their address is 150 East Main St. Lexington, KY  40507. Phone:859-258-3600.

Using the court’s databases

Fayette County warrants are issued by the court upon police request. That is why, the court can be a valuable source of information. What you should do is turn to the Criminal Division of the Circuit Court (120 N. Limestone, Lexington, Kentucky 40507, phone:859-246-2224) and ask to access their databases.

You will most likely need to file a FOIA request to view public records. Kentucky Open Records Act obligates governmental agencies to give the public access to most of their records. For further information, go here.

How to carry out an arrest search

To inquire about a person’s incarceration history turn to the website of Lexington - Fayette County Detention Center. You will find there an inmate search tool that shows electronic copies of Fayette County arrest records. You will need to sign up in order to use this tool.

Carrying out statewide background check

Searching for Fayette County warrants will give you only local results. The Administrative Office of the Courts, in contrast, provides criminal record reports that relate to all of KY counties. Their databases contain misdemeanor records from the last 5 years and felony records dating back to 1978.

You can get a report online or by U.S. mail. You can also get a report in person by visiting their offices at 1001 Vandalay Drive, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601​​​​​​​​.

Each report will cost you $25.00. For further details, visit their site at

Using this website’s background check tool

This website puts at your disposal a nifty background check tool. All you need to do is type a person’s name and you will get a detailed report unfolding his/her criminal history. This report contains updated information on Fayette County warrants, arrest records and court records. It shows criminal records and police records issued in all other KY counties as well. Searchers’ anonymity is guaranteed. Fees are highly affordable.